2019 Membership

2019 Membership

from 10.00

2019 Membership

Help us be even more successful by adding a donation! How often do you ride the trails? Adding just £1 per ride could make a massive difference to how quickly we can get volunteers trained, current trails fixed and new ones built.


Thank you for becoming a member of the Tweed Valley Trail Association, your support is important to us, in helping to maintain the awesome trail network of the UK's premier mountain biking destination. By becoming a member you are giving back to the trails you love to ride.

As a small charity we need financial support from individuals as well as sponsors to keep doing the work that we do. We are a registered as a Charity in Scotland (SC047179) and run by dedicated volunteers who want to create a accessible, sustainable and well managed network of trails.

Being volunteer run we get a lot done with minimal overheads and no salary costs. That means the money that comes from donations and membership can go directly into our grants scheme to support more volunteer-led projects to either build or maintain the trails in the Valley.  

As an early adopter of TVTA membership you can help us to build a future framework for the trail network, so the trails will always be there for you. You will receive invites to volunteer dig days, potential access to training (trail inspection) and the chance to make your voice heard as well as the feeling that your doing the right thing!

Oh and don't forget your sticker, pick it up at local businesses and slap it on your ride.