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The Tweed Valley Trails Association (TVTA) is a registered Scottish Charity set up by local mountain biking enthusiasts to help sustain and manage the trail network across the whole of the Tweed Valley Forest Park.

From the original idea born out of a pub meeting in 2015 to reaching official charity status in late 2017 a core of keen locals have come together with the intention to build upon and improve what is already a nationally if not world renowned MTB venue.


The hand crafted trails in the valley are no secret and have hosted multiple local, national and international races and combined with the already established 7 stanes network provide something for every skill level, style and taste of mountain biker.

We want to see this network survive and bring benefits to local riders, business, community groups and visitors alike.

TVTA's purpose

The TVTA’s purpose is to maintain and improve the mountain bike trail network in the highly regarded mountain bike destination - the Tweed Valley.

  •  A significant proportion of the existing trails are not currently maintained by an official organisation.
  • There is also currently a lack of organised community engagement with official stakeholders and land managers.
  • TVTA aims to be a vital and positive link between the local mountain biking community and the various organisations managing the forests and facilities in the region.
  • With the growth of mountain biking in the Tweed Valley the trails have begun to require additional maintenance.
  • The growth of the trail network is also crucial to the area's local economy, while also making living in the area more attractive to locals and improve local engagement in the sport.
  • The group aims to enhance the experience of mountain bikers in the valley and visiting the area by making the trails safe and sustainable into the future.
  • Having safe, marked and maintained bike trails, and multi user paths are important recreational facilities for experiencing the outdoors and promoting activity and a healthy lifestyle, which in turn improves the conditions of all of our lives.


Working closely with the Forestry Commission and other forest users we aim to make this amazing network of trails sustainable and ever improving. This will involve raising funds, maintaining trails, volunteer dig days and more.